The 411 on Dr. Hodges Menu

The menu is a combination of a week’s worth of meals I have had in the past. My calorie goal is:

  • 300 cal per meal
  • 1000 cal per day

I have a macro ratio goal of: protein 40%, carbohydrate 30%, fat 30%. However, I realize (after looking this menu over), my protein and carb macros are flipped! This is why it is so useful to log your meals. You can go back and see what you have done and where your calories / macros are going. By reviewing your previous day (or week), you can see where you are most calorie heavy. Is it snacks? Lunch? Dinner? For me, I realize that it is usually a combination of snacks and dinner.

There are a couple of things that I have found to make it easier to stay on track.

  1. Log EVERYTHING, even if it’s that one piece of Bit O’Honey! This way, when you look back, you can start to see patterns with the foods that you eat.
  2. READ food labels. On most of the food log apps, you can even scan the UPC label to upload the information. From that, you can adjust the portion size that you are going to have.
  3. You need to measure out your food until you get familiar with portion sizes. The same spoon that I cook with is what I use to serve my food. I took a regular scoop with that spoon and measured it. It is about ¼ cup. There are a bunch of tools out there that can help you. My office manager found these measuring spoons for her daughter.
  4. When measuring chicken, beef and fish:
    • 3 oz of chicken / beef is the size of a deck of cards
    • 3 oz of fish is the size of a checkbook
  5. The most recent research has shown that getting into a CALORIE DEFICIT is more important than your macro ratios. (i.e. what percent of protein, carb, or fat you have in a day). With this in mind, my primary focus is caloric content. However, IF YOU HAVE HAD BARIATRIC SURGERY, you need to be sure that you are reaching your protein goals. You must include these calories in your daily food log.
  6. I always use low fat options. You will ALWAYS save on calories compared to regular. For instance, I usually select low fat cheeses, milk, and coffee creamer. Be aware though, some foods will be much higher in sugar/carb content to make up for the lack of fat. Life is all about a happy balance, so see how each food works within your calorie and macro goals.
  7. Using my food app, I know the menu of restaurants that surround my house and my office. When selecting my meal, I choose options that are 300 calories or less! (i.e. I love the chili from Wendy’s!) I also usually ask for chicken fajitas from reps that come to the office. I can measure the chicken, skip the tortillas and have chips (12) and/or black beans for my meal. Salsa has very little caloric impact, so I use ALOT.
  8. Using the 45 calorie slice breads (Sara Lee, Orowheat, Pepperidge Farm) will allow you to save HALF of your calories on a sandwich, toast, etc. Typically, the majority of the calories in sandwiches that you purchase come from bread (and condiments).
  9. When I make scrambled eggs, I will use one full egg (70 cal) and two egg whites (30 cal). This gives me the same portion if I use three full eggs (210 cal), but I save 100 calories!
  10. Drink water!!!