Emotional Eating

By: Collins Hodges, PsyD – Licensed Clinical Psychologist Experts in health psychology agree that the majority of bariatric patients turn to food as a maladaptive coping response to negative emotions. In other words, for one reason or another, people struggling with their weight often have not found healthy ways to deal with stress, sadness, guilt, … Continue reading Emotional Eating

What’s So Special About Protein?

By: Danielle Houston, RDN, LD Whether you are considering bariatric surgery, have already undergone a procedure or have just stumbled upon this blog by accident, I bet you have had someone tell you to eat more protein. It seems to be everywhere in our society today. There are protein powders everywhere you look, food labels … Continue reading What’s So Special About Protein?

The Sunshine Vitamin

By Dr. Charlotte Hodges As a bariatric surgeon, I routinely recommend to my patients that they supplement their diet with Vitamin D.  But why is this essential vitamin so important?  And, not just for weight loss patients? Vitamin D is called an essential vitamin, because it cannot be made in the body.  It must be … Continue reading The Sunshine Vitamin

Navigating Through the Challenges of Summer

By Danielle Houston, RDN, LD With summer here, it’s time to break out the shorts, skirts and sundresses. And the thought of adorning summer attire causes a ripple of fear to go through me. Am I ready for this change in wardrobe? Pool parties mean bathing suits. Yikes! So this month, let’s talk about some … Continue reading Navigating Through the Challenges of Summer


Bariatric Support Group

Dr. Hodges highly recommends patients attend monthly support group meetings. The meetings are led by Dr. Collins Hodges, both a licensed clinical psychologist and someone who has had bariatric surgery himself. The support groups are offered on the first Monday of every month from 6:30pm – 7:15pm CST via an online GoToMeeting. The meetings are open to the public, and there is no charge to attend.

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